DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming March 1st

DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming March 1st

This week we re-live the monumental event of the first season of 21st century Doctor Who with the return of the Doctor's arch-enemies:  the Daleks.  Join us as we relive the moment with the 9th Doctor & Rose, coming face-to-face with another survivor of the Time War in 2005's DALEK.  As it's the first meeting [more...]

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INCOMING: Valentine’s Day Coffee House

Hi Parents and talented Saints,Free tomorrow evening? Join us in the cafeteria for the Valentine’s Day Coffee House happening from 7 pm to 9 pm! There is a $2 dollar entry fee and concessions are available for purchase. Please bring cash or coins! Tap is not accepted.We appreciate all the students who auditioned for the [more...]

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming Feb. 23rd

The combined might of the first three incarnations of the Doctor is pitted against the greatest hero in Time Lord history...abandoned to his fate millions of years ago, and now reaching out for a revenge that could consume all of creation.  Join us this week for the conclusion of the 1973 birthday bash THE THREE [more...]

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming Feb. 16th

This week, we go back to 1973 and Doctor Who's 10th anniversary celebrations...which featured not one, not two, but three Doctors!  It's the very first multi-Doctor story (featuring the first THREE original Doctors) of the series, and we will re-live the event once again this week with Parts 1 & 2 of THE THREE DOCTORS.  [more...]

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The Access Program: McMaster University Awards and Bursaries

The Access Program: Supporting Equity Deserving Students Our goal is to help you envision post-secondary education at McMaster as a world of possibilities instead of barriers. There are funds to help. McMaster’s Access Program connects equity-deserving students and those from historically under-represented backgrounds with information and supports to set them up for success in [more...]

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Introducing Semi-Formal 2024!

Hi Parents and lovely Saints,  Our 2024 Old Hollywood themed Semi-Formal is happening this Thursday at The Museum in Kitchener! It will begin at 6 pm and end at 9 pm.  We have access to all levels of The Museum for the night (so much to see!!): 1st level: Coat check, atrium, DJ and [more...]

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Carol Shantz Bursary Award – Kidsability Foundation

Carol Shantz Bursary Award – Kidsability Foundation Due Date: April 26th, 2024 Value: $1000 must have a life-long disability must be a client or alumnus of KidsAbility (formerly Rotary Children’s Centre) must have applied to or returning to a certified post-secondary institution (college/university) application form includes short essay component Information Poster Application

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming Feb. 9th

Ghosts that aren't ghosts...a trip back in time...and it could it really be the mythical Fisher King behind all the machinations?  All these mysteries hurtle toward a resolution this week...with some left-turn insights from Beethoven & the granddaddy of all time BEFORE THE FLOOD, the concluding episode in our 2-part adventure with the 12th [more...]

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming Feb. 2nd

Semester 2 opens on Groundhog Day...and it's a good day for the return of Doctor Who Club as the 12th Doctor & Clara slowly discover some temporal shenanigans occurring at an underwater base in the near future.  Join us as we start another semester of adventures in time and space this week with a screening [more...]

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