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Jeff Bailey


Kaila D’Aversa
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Kevin Fratarcangeli
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Website Links

Grade 9 and Grade 10 textbook and extended resources. Username and password required. Please ask your teacher.                   https://sciencesource.pearsoncanada.ca/

Why Take Science?

  • Science is hands on learning that is fun!
  • There is a growing demand across many industries for new products and innovative thinkers, fuelling a demand for workers with a background in science and engineering.  This is one of the fastest growing fields for new careers.
  • Scientists study the natural world and try to deepen our understanding of how it works. They mostly concentrate in three areas: life, physics or social science.  Engineers use creativity combined with science and math to design and build things like bridges, iPads. phones, buildings and water filtration systems to improve the way we communicate, work, live, travel, maintain our health and enjoy our free time.

How many science credits do you need to take?

  • 2 plus a 3rd Science or Technology credit as a minimum. Check to see how many and which Science credits are needed based on the post-secondary program you might chose.  Some post-secondary programs require a student take two of the three senior science courses (biology, chemistry and physics) and others require them to take all three.