This page will be updated as information becomes available.  Please check this page frequently and listen to announcements.

CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2024!!!!!  You did it!

Students received a GRAD INFORMATION LETTER with their gown/cap/guest tickets.

Please read the letter carefully and entirely, there have been updates made to the letter.

Important changes to note:

  • Student’s must arrive to Centre in the Square at 5:45pm (not 5:15pm as indicated previously)
  • Students will receive the TASSEL for their cap when they arrive at the venue.  DO NOT decorate your cap please.
  • NO BALLOON arrangements are permitted on June 10th, flowers and small gifts are permitted.
  • Please take advantage of our fundraiser for flowers and gifts.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Liturgy and Breakfast celebration!  Graduates, you looked lovely, thank you for your reverence and joy.  Thank you to our Hospitality Team, Ms. Di Pede, Mr. Calhoun and Mr. Hodgins for an incredible spread and to SAC for the photo booth and t-shirts!  What an incredible way to kick off your Class of 2024 Convocation events!

Class of 2024 Notes:

Convocation Ceremony : Monday June 10th, 2024,  Centre in the Square, Kitchener


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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Convocation Tickets:

I already filled out a form for tickets?  Do I need to do this one?

YES!  This is the OFFICIAL ticket request form that was mentioned on the RSVP.  It is important that you complete this form so your guests are assigned seat numbers.

Do I need to pay for my guest tickets?

No, all tickets are included in the Convocation Fee you paid on School Cash Online.  

What if I don’t need all four tickets?

You can order less than four tickets.  Indicate how many on the form.  

What if I have more than four guests?

Indicate on the form you require four tickets AND extra tickets.  We will assign the FIRST FOUR tickets seat numbers.  Then once the form closes, we can assign the extra seats if available.  

Will all my tickets be seated together?

Your first four guests will be seated together.  If you requested extra tickets, those seats will be in a different location than your first four guests.  

Are the tickets general seating?

NO!  The tickets you will receive will be ASSIGNED SEATS, with a designated row and seat number.  It is important that you keep the tickets safe and do not lose them.  

Can I take a photo of my ticket and use that to enter CITS?

No, you must have the physical ticket with you on June 10th, 2024.

What happens if there is a change of plans and I no longer require a guest ticket?

Please return any tickets you don’t require to the main office so we can assign them to other guests.

What if I realize I need more tickets after the deadline?

Once we have received everyone’s responses we will assign the first four tickets.  Any remaining tickets will be prioritized to students who requested extra.  If you realize after the deadline that you require more tickets, please let your guidance counselor know, we will do our best to accommodate your request if possible.