Are you considering St. Benedict’s?

St. Benedict students come from all over Cambridge including North Galt, Preston and Hespeler. We are a celebration of people in our varied academic programs, athletic programs, and extra-curricular clubs and activities. We believe that success for each person is possible and that St. Benedict is a place for all.

The St. Benedict community is a vibrant one where we strive to greet every stranger as a friend as we live out our mission statement to be a celebration of people.

Following the Board’s vision of making our schools the heart of the community—success for each, a place for all, we strive to provide all our learners with opportunities to grow and flourish. Take a few minutes to navigate our website, and check out our school calendar for the many things that St. Benedict has to offer.

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The information below will help make your transition to St. Benedict a smooth and easy one.

Grade 9 Electives: information coming

Uniform information


FALL: Boys’ Volleyball, Girls’ Basketball, Varsity Football, Girls’ Field Hockey, Senior Tennis, Cross-Country, Junior Boys’ Soccer

WINTER: Boys’ Basketball, Girls’ Volleyball, Curling, Boys’ Hockey, Girls’ Hockey, Swimming, Wrestling

SPRING: Badminton, Boys’ Rugby, Girls’ Rugby, Sr. Boys’ Soccer, Girls’ Soccer, Golf, Track & Field, Softball, Junior Tennis

Extra-curricular activities

After school fitness, Anime, Arts, BENN Media Group, Benny’s News Team, Chess, Choir, Creative Writing, Dance Crew, Debating, DECA, Drama, ECOO Programming, Environment, Finance Club, Games Club, Grunt Crew, Guitar Club, History Club, Jazz Band, Symphonic Band, Latin Dance, LINK, Math League, Newspaper, Outers’ Club, Peer Mediation, Photography, Programmers Club, Puzzles, Reach for the Top, Robotics, Rock Climbing, SBTV/Media Club, Self-Defense, Social Justice, Skills Canada, Tech Crew, Triathlon, Ultimate Frisbee, United Cultures, Welding, Yearbook, and more!