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“All of time and space, everything that happened or ever will…where do you want to start?”

Doctor Who Club takes place most Fridays, immediately after school in room 226. Join us every week for adventures in time and space with fellow fans, and lots of pizza, as we watch both new and classic episodes from all 50+ years of the world’s longest running (and best) science fiction & fantasy series. There are also monthly raffle prizes featuring various goodies. The Doctor is back…and it’s about time.

When we meet

DOCTOR WHO CLUB meets every Friday after school in Room 226.  If Friday is a holiday, then we meet on Thursday of that week.

Viewing Schedule

April 19th: THE RIBOS OPERATION – Parts 1 & 2 (4th DOCTOR)

April 26th: THE RIBOS OPERATION – Parts 3 & 4 (4th DOCTOR)

May 3rd: FEAR HER (10th DOCTOR)

May 10th: COLD WAR (11th DOCTOR)



May 30th (THURSDAY): BOOM (15th DOCTOR)

June 7th: 73 YARDS (15th DOCTOR)

June 14th: DOT AND BUBBLE (15th DOCTOR – Final Meeting of the Year)

Club facilitator

Useful links

The Doctor Who News Page

Official BBC Doctor Who site

The OFFICIAL Doctor Who Twitter

Latest news…

DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming April 19th

He wanted a holiday with his second-best-friend, K9…but the White Guardian has other plans for the Doctor.  Join us this week as we revisit the first two episodes of the opening tale to the 1978/79 season’s story arc:  the search for the six segments of the Key to Time.  Galactic con men, mad vengeance-seeking royals, an alien world in its medieval period…and the introduction of a new companion for the 4th Doctor.  It’s all on-tap with Parts 1 & 2 of THE RIBOS OPERATION.  The fun begins this Friday, April 19th after school in room 226,.

By |April 12th, 2024|

DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming April 12th

Doctor Who meets Scandi-noir…plus a particularly creepy & smelly alien…and an alternate dimension that is a true mirror of our reality.  Join us this week as the 13th Doctor, Yas, Ryan & Graham come face-to-face with a sentient universe in the 2018 episode IT TAKES YOU AWAY.  Prepare to be swept away this Friday April 12th, after school in room 226.

By |April 5th, 2024|

DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming April 5th

The 11th Doctor, Amy & Rory arrive in a 19th century wild west town that seems strangely advanced in technology…and full of terrified people being plagued by a man known only as The Gunslinger…but he only seems to be part-man…what is the other part?  Join us for paranoid cowboy terror this week with A TOWN CALLED MERCY.  The thrills begin this Friday, April 5th after school in room 226.  We will also be holding our April Prize Raffle!

By |March 29th, 2024|

DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming March 28th

The Doctor has been executed by the Time Lords…but is he really dead?  What links the Doctor’s home planet of Gallifrey to 1983 Amsterdam?  Join us this week to find out as we watch Parts 3 & 4 of ARC OF INFINITYA reminder:  we are meeting on THURSDAY (March 28th) this week due to the Easter holidays.

By |March 22nd, 2024|
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