Program requirements

Grade 9, 10 and 11 students are required to register for 8 courses each school year.

Grade 12 students with 24 or more credits may register for 6 to 8 courses.

Fifth year students must take a minimum of 3 credits per semester. If students are behind in their credits, they must register for 8 credits each year. All students must take the appropriate number of courses per semester—dropping courses will not be permitted.

Course changes

Courses may be changed if they fulfill one of the following:

  • Student has chosen a different career route
  • Level change is recommended by the teacher
  • The student has been unsuccessful in a pre-requisite course
  • The course has already been successfully completed
  • Special circumstances — in consultation with parents, teachers, counsellors and administrators.

Dropping a course may be permitted only in exceptional circumstances.

Students must continue to attend all classes until approval has been given by the subject teacher, parents, Guidance and Administration. Students who drop a course without approval will be considered truant from that course. Some courses may be over-subscribed. Preference will be given to students who have never taken the course before over those students who are repeating the course or wishing to upgrade their marks by repeating the course.

Refer to website calendar for final dates to make a course change.

Academic awards

Each Fall we honour students who have excelled academically the previous school year. Students in grade 12 are recognized at Graduation with students in grades 9 to 11 being recognized at an Academic Awards Evening in October.

Students who receive an overall average of 80% or greater each semester will be acknowledged on our Honour Roll in the main hall.

Assessment and evaluation

Assessment and evaluation in Ontario schools is based on policies in this Ministry document. It is available on the Ministry of Education web site.

Students are informed of evaluation methods at the beginning of each course. It is the right and responsibility of students to initiate communication with their teachers whenever aspects of their evaluation need clarification.

Procedures for assessing student progress are sufficiently varied to meet the needs of individual learners or groups of students enrolled in different courses with a variety of learning environments. In order to help teachers assess student achievement, curriculum guidelines describe appropriate evaluation techniques.

Two report cards are issued each semester: a mid-term progress report and a final report at the end. Mid-term reports are issued in November and April and end-of-semester reports are issued in February and June. Final marks are based on formative and summative evaluation.

Progress reports are distributed 6 to 8 weeks into the semester. Parent-Student-Teacher conferences are scheduled following the distribution of these reports.