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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming December 22nd

IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME! Once again, it's the annual CHRISTMAS DOCTOR WHO CLUB EXTRAVAGANZA.  Once again we will be conducting the annual Doctor Who Book Giveaway, and there will also be a special raffle.  The prize is a special DOUBLE DVD SET of Cybermen & Dalek stories covering the 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th, 11th and

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Western University – National Scholarship Program

For the 2018/2019 academic year, the Western National Scholarship Program includes the following scholarships: Five President’s Entrance Scholarships valued at $65,000 ($20,000 for year one, $15,000 annually for years two to four) and up to 15 at $50,000 ($10,000 annually, plus $10,000 towards first-year residence costs); Three International President’s Entrance Scholarships valued at $50,000

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BENN Correction – Community Information Session Survey

The BENN Newsletter which you received on Wednesday contained an important article with a link that was not working correctly. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you would like to partake in our Community Information Session Survey, you can complete it by clicking on the image below.

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Schulich Leader Scholarship; Re-post from October

Schulich Leader Scholarships:  Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) Due Date January 18th, 2018 (1 Nominee chosen by school) – Up to $80,000 Criteria: (must meet at least 2 of 3) Academic Excellence Community, Business or Entrepreneurial Leadership Financial Need Submit email address, 2 letters of reference, 1 page summary of leadership, to guidance Please speak to

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New Scholarship Resource for Students

Check out the new organization and website which will help students find and apply for scholarships and bursaries.  The organization is called ScholarTree: see below

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: This week’s meeting POSTPONED

Due to circumstances beyond my control, this week's meeting of Doctor Who Club will be CANCELLED, and POSTPONED until the following week (December 22nd).  That said, the 22nd brings us not only the last day of school before Christmas, but also the special CHRISTMAS EDITION of DOCTOR WHO CLUB.  More information will follow in

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Girls Lacrosse Club info

Just a reminder to any girls interested in joining the girls lacrosse club to please see Ms. Kreuger in phys.ed to pick up a permission form. No experience is necessary! Come out and give it a go! Hope to see you in the gym Mondays at lunch!

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming December 7th

The run up to Christmas begins, as we screen three holiday themed episodes in a row, right up to our final club meeting before the holiday break on December 22nd.  It starts this week with THE UNQUIET DEAD, as the 9th Doctor & Rose battle against alien ghosts alongside Charles Dickens in Cardiff, 1869.  It's

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Zonta – Women in Public Affairs Award

YOUNG WOMEN IN PUBLIC AFFAIRS AWARD. THE AWARD: Zonta Club of Kitchener-Waterloo awards the winning recipient $1,000.00 CAN. The winner’s application is also forwarded to the next level, Zonta District 4, for further consideration to receive a further $1,000.00 US. Successful District 4 application is forwarded to Zonta International for a further $4,000.00 US award.

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