DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming October 5th

Here we are, on the cusp of the greatest regeneration in Doctor Who's 55 year history...and before we welcome Jodie Whittaker aboard, we will say one more goodbye to Peter Capaldi's powerful and poignant 12th Doctor.  This week we will feature an encore showing of TWICE UPON A TIME; the 1st and 12th Doctor both

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ScholarTree – database for making scholarships more accessible to students

ScholarTree is  committed to helping reduce student debt in Canada by making scholarship more accessible. Most people don’t realise how many scholarships are awarded early in the school year. has $997,500 worth of scholarships that are currently accepting applications. Students can find which scholarships are best fit for them by signing up at To

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming September 28th

As we rapidly approach the dawn of a new era, and a new Doctor...let us take a moment to appreciate the glorious classic team of the 7th Doctor and Ace.  Sylvester McCoy & Sophie Aldred had a natural chemistry that helped to cement their pairing as one that even the new series looks back on.  The

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Meeting date change!

Games club will be held on Tuesday, September 25 instead of Wednesday this week due to the football game. Call out to all Magic the Gathering players at St. Benedict to attend as we start our 2018-2019 MTG season. Prizes available throughout the year.

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming September 20th

Doctor Who celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1988 with one of the greatest stories to feature the Doctor’s arch-enemies:  the Daleks.  It also returned to the beginning:  the story comes full circle to the London of 1963, with return visits to Coal Hill School and the Totter’s Lane junkyard, where Ian and Barbara first discovered

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DECA Registration form

DECA participants!! Please complete this form ASAP with your preferred competition categories. Link is posted under Important Dates.

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Loran Scholarship: Integrity, Service and Leadership

Due Date: Oct.  10, 2018 - School Sponsored Application due to Guidance IMPORTANT: If you wish to be considered as a sponsored candidate, you must inform your guidance counsellor and have the application form completed by OCT. 10th (Wednesday) Oct. 24, 2018 - Direct Pool Applications (not school sponsored) Numerous awards  of varying amounts up to $100,

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming September 14th

FOREST OF THE DEAD concludes the adventure we began last week, introducing Alex Kingston's mysterious & pivotal River Song into the Doctor Who universe.  It seems strange now, with everything that has unfolded over the years, that when this episode was first broadcast, we were watching a preview of the entire 11th Doctor/Matt Smith era without even

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