Exams are almost here!

Just a reminder that with the weather if the school is closed or buses are cancelled exams will be pushed forward to the next day. Listen to the local radio stations or follow the school social media feeds on Twitter and Facebook for more details when this occurs.

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming January 18th

With the end of Jodie Whittaker’s first season as the 13th Doctor, our Doctor Who Club turns to the past once again, and heads into the exam break with the start of a mid-80s epic:  THE TWO DOCTORS.  The Doctor has teamed up with past versions of himself before to save lives.  This time, his

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2019 Literacy Prep News

Literacy test prep is well under way! Grade 10 students have completed mini-mock and mock Literacy Tests in semester 1. Feedback will be provided to both students and their parents by the end of semester 1. Semester 2 roll out of Literacy Test prep will begin on February 6. Stay tuned for more details. All

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming January 11th

What better way to begin Doctor Who Club for a new year than by starting with the first ever Doctor Who New Year's special:  RESOLUTION.  Over a thousand years ago, something alien was defeated and buried...but now, it has revived...and it may be one of the Doctor's oldest & deadliest foes.  Join us this week

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