DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming March 1st

In THE DOCTOR DANCES, not only do we conclude the incredible story of gas mask zombies in WWII, we watch as John Barrowman's Captain Jack Harkness becomes a part of the extended TARDIS family.  To say he was the most unique addition in the history of the TARDIS crew is something of an understatement, but

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming February 22nd

This is it:  the first true milestone of Doctor Who's 21st century resurrection.  The first episode written by a future showrunner, the award-winning Steven Moffat.  The first episode to feature John Barrowman's incomparable Captain Jack Harness.  The first episode to truly send terrified children running to hide behind the sofa -- the soft cadence of

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Carol Shantz Bursary Award – Kidsability Foundation

Due Date: May 7th, 2019 (submitted to Guidance) Value: $1000 must have a life-long disability must be a client or alumnus of KidsAbility (formerly Rotary Children’s Centre) must have applied to or returning to a certified post-secondary institution (college/university) application form includes short essay component and reference letters   For application form please see Mr.

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming February 15th

We conclude our 1985 epic THE TWO DOCTORS this week, and so we should offer a word of praise to the combination of the 6th Doctor (played by Colin Baker) and Peri (played by Nicola Bryant).  Everyone has their particular favourite Doctor/companion combination, and this one in particular is the equivalent of a bickering married

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming February 8th

Doctor Who Club resumes with the second semester, and picks up on our last cliffhanger, with Part 2 of the 1985 epic THE TWO DOCTORS.  The glorious thing about this mutli-Doctor epic is savouring the final performance of Patrick Troughton as the mercurial, wolf-in-sheep's-clothing Second Doctor.  He died in 1987, but his legacy to

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