Unknown Caller? Please pick up!

As we navigate through the reality of self-isolation and learning (and teaching) from home, communication may sometimes be a challenge. Here are several tips to make sure that the lines of communication are kept open between parents, students, and teachers:
  1. Pick it up: Teachers are using different tools to make calls home, and will not always be calling from a known number. When you see Unknown Number or Private Caller, pick up to see if it may be your son's or daughter's teacher.
  2. Check your junk email: Teachers often send emails to many people at once, which may trigger your spam filter. Check to see if any teacher emails have gone there.
  3. Students, check your GAFE email: All students in the WCDSB have a Gmail account and email address that is of a common format; most teachers will email them to that email address. If your son or daughter doesn't get notification for this email account to their phone, they should check there frequently for emails from teachers.
  4. Email teachers for an update: all of our staff email addresses can be found on the school website by going to About Us > Staff List

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