Catholic Education Week 2020

TUESDAY: The Hope Within Us

Chaplain's Message

Today’s theme is “The Hope Within Us.”

Check out the Pray@Home portal on the WCDSB website for a lot of great features for people of all ages. There are prayers, scripture readings and video reflections. There are craft projects involving hope stones and collages. There are opportunities for silent prayer and various other forms of Christian mediation. And there are music suggestions.

The reflections and prayer are taken from today’s content.


The followers of Jesus felt abandoned after Jesus was crucified and then disappeared. They were paralyzed. They did not know what to do next. They had no hope.

Hope is a conviction that burns in our hearts. God’s hope dwells within each of us. We are called to share this hope in a COVID world where hope sometimes seems like a distant reality.

A favorite song of mine that I think speaks of hope is, “A Kind of Magic” by Queen. Use your preferred way of listening to the song (Wembley ’86).


Jesus, you brought hope to the world.
You demonstrated that Love is inclusive and dwells in all people.
Open our eyes to see the hope that is demonstrated each day in the middle of the pandemic.
We thank you for the gifts you provide that lead to a hopeful life.
Help us to fully embrace the gift of hope.
May we share this hope with people all over the earth.
We make this prayer through Christ, in union with the Holy Spirit. Amen!

Join us Friday for Mass with His Excellency Bishop Crosby


Mental Health & Well-Being

To support the mental well-being of staff and students, the WCDSB has set up a section on their website titled Mental Health & Well-Being. The section is frequently updated and contains variable resources for staff, students, and parents. The site’s robust resources include timely links to dealing with COVID-19, and provide videos and other resources to help you and your family cope. Visit the site today for video clips, a list of where to get health, and calming strategies as we deal with this global pandemic.

Mental Health and Catholic Education Week Connection

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in endlessly scrolling through news and social media. Get outdoors and go for a walk, and (if you can) use that time to be alone in your thoughts. Consider how you can exercise your God-given gifts in a creative way during Covid-19. How can you focus on what matters most? Look inward and ask yourself these questions:
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SAC Co-Presidential Elections

SAC Elections 2020
Attention Saints – your 2020-2021 Co-Prez candidates are here! Be sure to follow their official campaign accounts and SAC Instagram. Don’t forget to exercise your right to vote on Friday May 8th!
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