Carol Shantz Bursary Award – KidsAbility Foundation

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Carol Shantz Bursary Award – KidsAbility Foundation

Carol Shantz Bursary Award – KidsAbility Foundation Due Date: May 18, 2018  Value: $1000 must have a life-long disability must be a client or alumnus of KidsAbility (formerly Rotary Children’s Centre) must have applied to or returning to a certified post-secondary institution (college/university) application form includes short essay component   For application form please see [...]

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming February 23rd

We dive back into the heart of the 1980s, with the first half of a 6th Doctor classic:  VENGEANCE ON VAROS.  Not only is it one of Doctor Who's darker, more political stories, it's one that has much to say on television violence, screen obsession, reality programming...topics that are highly relevant in 2018, but [...]

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming February 16th

This week, we watch a recently minted classic from Peter Capaldi's first season as the 12th Doctor.  A little bit of Agatha Christie style, some old fashioned horror movie gravitas, lots of great characters (and potential victims of the eponymous mummy), and a gorgeous conclusion all add up to one of Doctor Who's highlights from [...]

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming February 9th

Welcome to a new semester...and Doctor Who Club flies out of the gate with a 10th Doctor & Donna adventure from 2008 that pits the Time Lord and his best friend against futuristic slavery & corporate greed.  The episode is called PLANET OF THE OOD, and showcases the Doctor at his moral crusading best...with Donna [...]

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Zonta – Young Women in Public Affairs Award

 Zonta – Young Women in Public Affairs Award  Due date: February 7, 2018; submitted to the Zonta Club of K/W Value: 10 Awards of $4000 each Goal of the program is to encourage more young women to participate in public affairs by recognizing a commitment to the volunteer sector, evidence of volunteer leadership and a [...]

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Seams Sew Easy Second Semester Startup

Come on down to Room 217 and join us at the SEAMS SEW EASY club as we begin Thursday, February 22, 2018. Here is your chance to learn how to make a pair of pajama bottoms, carry on bag, and much more! Learn how to use a sewing machine as well as a serger.

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