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Students must make every effort to attend school punctually and regularly. (Education Act Reg. 435, Section 23.1d) The only valid reasons for absence are: personal illness, bereavement, important appointment or family commitment certified by the parent and approved by administration (these may be verified by the office), and approved school activity (field trips, athletics, college and university visits). Students who have a spare period must be in uniform and in the library or cafeteria, not the hallways or atrium. Students who arrive late must report immediately to class.

Students who are to be absent from school are asked to have their parent/guardian inform the school of the absence. A parent/guardian must provide an explanation for the absence. If confirmation is not received students are assigned a lunch time detention—one detention per class missed. A truancy will be recorded on the student’s attendance record.

Parents will be notified by automated message when the student is absent for one or more classes.


Promptness is an important attribute both in the school and in the workplace and serves as a positive indicator of respect for others. When a student is late for class, it interrupts the learning of other students.

Students may be assigned a detention to compensate for the missed instructional time. Students arriving chronically late to classes will be referred to school administration.

Leaving school during the day

Students should only leave school because of necessary medical appointments or illness. For medical appointments, a student reports to the Attendance Office on the day of the appointment and presents verification of the appointment. Only the time necessary for the appointment may be taken. Should an emergency
situation arise or a student become ill, he/she must report to the Attendance Office before leaving the school so a parent can be notified. It is the student’s responsibility to sign out, and it is important that we have parent permission (note or phone call) to ensure the student’s safety.

During class time, supervision is not provided in the Library, therefore, for safety reasons; parents may not sign their son/daughter out to work in the library.

Extended school absences

Parents are encouraged to take holidays during designated school breaks so that students do not fall behind in their studies. If this is not possible, the procedure is as follows:

  1. The student obtains an Intent to Be Absent Form from the Attendance Office at least two weeks before the intended absence.
  2. Parents must sign the request.
  3. Each teacher must sign the form and indicate what work must be done prior to the absence.
  4. The student then returns the form to the Attendance Office for Administrator approval.

In the case of final evaluations, it will be at the discretion of Administration whether students will be allowed to write at an alternative time. In NO case will final evaluations be written PRIOR TO the scheduled date for final evaluations.


A student is considered truant if he or she:

  1. Leaves school without signing out
  2. Is absent without prior parental or school permission
  3. Does not report to the office when ill
  4. Is absent from class without teacher permission

If a student has been truant during the school day, they may NOT attend athletic or other school events on that day.

Students may not be in the library without their teacher’s permission.

Parents may not sign out their son/daughter to work in the library during the school day. Once on school property students are expected to follow their timetables.