School buses pick up students at communal bus stop locations in residential environments and generally run within a 5 minute window of the scheduled times provided.

Please visit the School Transportation Services of Waterloo Region website to access your individual transportation details including route number, stop locations, and times. The details for pick-up and drop-off locations and schedules will be available on or around about two weeks before the school year begins.

To access this information please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Go to Student Login (scroll to the bottom of the website)
  3. Enter student’s Ontario Education Number (this can be found on report card)
  4. Enter student’s birth date (dd/mm/yyyy)
  5. Enter student’s street number (house number only)
  6. Select student’s school

Any misbehaviour on school buses may result in loss of bus privileges. In addition, misbehaviour on the buses will result in disciplinary referral to Administration for appropriate consequences.

Bus route information, 2019-2020

STSWR has updated the transportation network which may have changed stop times or locations. Students eligible for transportation can go to on August 19, 2019 and click on student login to retrieve updated busing information. Your student’s Ontario Education Number–which can be found on a report card from any school in Ontario–is needed in order to log in and access transportation details.

Are you eligible for busing?

Students can check their transportation eligibility by going to and clicking on Transportation Eligibility. It is recommended that eligible students verify the details as stop locations and times may have changed. Transportation details can be retrieved by visiting on August 19, 2019 and clicking on Student Login. The Ontario Education Number is needed in order to log in and access transportation details; it can be found on a report card from any school in Ontario.

Bus cancellations

Buses may be cancelled due to weather conditions and will be announced on local radio stations and usually on their websites. Please do NOT call the school. When buses are cancelled, the school is generally OPEN and students should attempt to attend if it does not jeopardize safety. All classes will proceed as usual on these days.

The Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region also maintains a Twitter feed where cancellations and delays are posted. Sign up on Twitter: @STSWR. Alternately, if you want to receive email updates of busing changes you can sign up for that service on their website.