There are consequences for late assignments. Teachers may assign an alternate assignment with new due date. Deductions of 1/3 level per day may be made.
Students are responsible for providing evidence of their achievement within the time frame specified by the teacher and in the form approved by the teacher.

Pre-Approved Late policy

Our Pre-Approved Late form helps to avoid the loss of the grade. The purpose of the PAL form is for students to take responsibility for late work ahead of a due date. The PAL form calls for students to discuss with parents the reason(s) why work will be submitted late. The form needs to be signed by both student and parent.

Once it is submitted, the teacher and student will negotiate a new due date that will not be revised. This is with the understanding that no grade loss will be suffered unless the new negotiated date is missed.

Please encourage your son or daughter to download and submit the PAL form if they will not be able to get an assignment in on time.