Quick reference

Media Done by Frequency Lead Time Reach
Announcements John M. Tues, Thurs 9:00pm evening before staff/students
Big Screens Jennifer J. constant 48 hours staff/students
Website: web page Anton M. or Prog. Area designate constant 24 hours public
Website: slide show Anton M. or Prog. Area designate constant 24 hours public
Website: calendar Jennifer J., Melanie T., Anton M. constant 24 hours public
BENN Newsletter Anton M. every 2nd Wednesday End of lunch Wednesday 1600+ subscribers
Social Media Jennifer J., Melanie T. constant 24 hours 2200+ followers
Pixelboard Jennifer J. constant 24 hours Drive-by

Submission guidelines

PLEASE NOTE: These guidelines are for posts by St. Benedict staff and announcements which have been vetted through the Board or school administration. If you are an external organization which would like to get an announcement made or event promoted, please send an email directly to the Principal of our school with your request.

Morning announcements Tuesdays and Thursdays only

  • Write up your announcement in final, edited form.
  • Limit to 20-30 seconds maximum.
  • Email to Benedict News by 9:00pm Monday or Wednesday
  • Include in email when to run and frequency if not obvious
  • Please do not email directly to John M, while your announcement may be something for the announcements, it may be picked up by the social media team, or one of our other communication methods

Big screens

  • Send email to Benedict News indicating you want the announcement on the big screens
  • Announcements should be formatted as a wide poster – JPEG or PPT

Website: web page updates

  • Send information to Anton or your program area designate (or do it yourself), rather than to Benedict News
  • Can contain text, pics, links, etc.
    • if pictures are being included, please send them as separate attachments and not embedded in your document
  • Please proofread what you are sending
  • Test links if post contains them

Website: slide show

  • Send to Anton or your program area designate, rather than to Benedict News
  • You may want to use this Slider template for PowerPoint or email Anton for a Publisher template
  • Image should be a jpeg or png (should be ~ 750 wide by 320 high, although anything close to that should scale with minor issues)
    • attach the original (Word, Powerpoint, Publisher, etc.) in case it needs to be edited
    • slides that are a size that cannot be easily accommodated will not be posted
  • Give text to include (optional)
  • Include start and end date for when slide is to run
  • Slides can be linked to a web page or site, include the URL if necessary
  • If this is a slide that is going to be reused in the future (except for date/time change), please create the slide without the date and time info and we will manually add it in an overlay. In future years it’s a simple modification to the existing slide.

Website: calendar

  • Send all information to Benedict News
  • For clubs/teams meetings etc., please ensure you have all pertinent information: date, start and end time, location, specific instructions
  • Information is automatically populated to announcement section of team’s/club’s page
  • Sports regular season game schedule is posted automatically by Anton just before season begins
    • Practices do not get posted (other than first/info meeting)
  • Sports team playoff information does not automatically appear on the calendar; please forward playoff information as soon as you get it
  • If the date and time information is in an announcement it will be added to the calendar
  • Calendar is also published in the BENN Newsletter

Website: announcement posts

  • See Anton for 14 second crash course (used to take 17 seconds, we’ve managed to shave 3 seconds off) on how to post announcements on website

BENN Newsletter: articles

  • Visit the BENN Newsletter page of the school website to find out when the next BENN is going out
  • Full sentence and paragraph format, no text formatting. No length restriction.
  • Can be sent as a Word attachment, shared Google Doc, or typed directly into body of email
  • Keep in mind BENN release date (see website calendar), watch your time references in your article (ie. yesterday, tomorrow, etc.)–the BENN goes out Wednesdays around 2:30; the game 9 days ago will not be “yesterday” or “last night”, it would probably be better stated as “last Monday”, and the game two days ago “this past Monday”
  • Send graphics, photos, etc. as separate attachments. Please do not embed pictures into the text document.
    • Photos should be accompanied by suggested caption and names of individuals in the photo
  • Please proofread prior to submitting.

BENN Newsletter: posters

  • JPEG or PNG preferred, up 600 pixel width, PDF begrudgingly accepted
  • If poster may be something which–with some minor editing–could be posted on the website slide show then also submit the original file (ie. Publisher or CorelDRAW, or Word or Google document)

Social Media posts

  • Information is posted on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at the same time
  • 280 character max! If need be, will be edited for brevity or broken over several messages
  • If you want us to retweet a post you put out, tag the school’s Twitter, @StBenedictCSS
  • For clubs/teams meetings etc., please provide all pertinent information: date, time, location, specific instructions


  • Speak to Jennifer Jackson for more information