What is the BusPro Course about?

The BusPro course is a project-based Business Course which allows students keen on business concepts to control their own learning process.

This course focuses on the development of essential skills used in businesses today. Students will have an opportunity to choose a business focus and project according to their own interests. They will explore and learn about business functions such as marketing, entrepreneurship, or finance by choosing an area of interest and then developing a business plan related to that area.

This course is open to any students looking to take a grade 11 or 12 business course. Students who are considering participating in DECA are encouraged to enroll in this course as their DECA competitive event could be the foundation of their project-based learning.

The credit received through completion of this course will be related to the area of study and project chosen by the student. Students may receive one of the following credits:

  • BMI 3C (Marketing, Grade 11)
  • BDI 3C (Entrepreneurship, Grade 11)
  • BOH 4M (Business Leadership, Grade 12)
  • BBB 4M (International Business, Grade 12)

Students may take the course multiple times, and by focusing on different areas of study can achieve more than one of the aforementioned credits.
See Mrs. Ratz in the Business Workroom across from room 210 for more information.