Welcome to Technology Program Area

Program Head
Neil Calhoun

Sandi Adamo
Jesse Anatol
Michael Berger
Neil Calhoun
Victor Castela
Rachel Dipede
Gabe Dutto
Ken Hodgins
Kory Mac Adams
Lynn McKellar
Brad Strassburger
Sarah Taylor


Class resources

  • TFJ 4ET – Hospitality & Tourism (O. Y. A. P. – Apprentice)
  • TXH4ET – Hairstyling & Aesthetics (O. Y. A. P. – Apprentice)
  • TCJ4ET – Construction Technology (O. Y. A. P. – Apprentice)
  • TMJ4CT – Manufacturing Technology; Emphasis – Precision Metal Machining (O. Y. A. P. – Apprentice)
  • Engineering Certificate Program


E-Car (Wed andThurs @ after school in the Annex – A4)
Robotics Team (Thurs @ after school room A3 (the building at the back of the school))
Cosmo Club (Tuesday and Thursday at lunch in room 124)

NEW 2024/2025:

TAS1OI Technology and the Skilled Trades, Open

(2024/2025 cohort will be required to take a grade 9 or 10 Technology credit)