An important message for our incredible Grade 12s and soon to be Graduates

To graduate, you need 30 credits, have successfully completed the literacy test or the OLC course and complete and HAND IN your 40 hours of community service.

To walk across the stage and be celebrated at Graduation- you need all of what I just mentioned completed. The very possible, last day, for us to accept your 40 hours is next Friday June 14th!!!

Please see you GUIDANCE counsellor asap if you have them, need a sheet, need help….you can do this!!!

Also, regarding uniform collection for our Used Uniform Sale

Thank you for sharing your resources: reducing, reusing and recycling to help our community and be further stewards of the earth is awesome.

Students, you will be able to hand in your gently used uniform items next Friday after school. You will then get to be in Civvies for the whole next week including all your exams.

In making this decision we needed to be mindful of safety first; the learning environment we are trying to create for all our students, and to be honest, we know you are a fabulous group of young people ready and willing to hand in your used uniforms for our community. But, because of that, we still wanted to give you the entire week. Some schools don’t do this, and some have chosen to cut back on the days. We still wanted to honour your giving by allowing the full week including your last days of classes and your evaluations in the afternoon to be in Civvies. We know you don’t need or want to the reward, and would likely do it anyway, but this is our way to still say thank you for giving! Thanks for digging out your used and in good share used uniforms to donate to St. Benedict. WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR KINDNESS, STEWARDSHIP AND GENEROSITY!!!

Also – get your community service hours in, keep your nose to the grindstone and stay focused to earn all your credits in order to Graduate.

If you need help with any of the above, we are here to help: your teachers; your Guidance Counsellor, supports in SST or Administration- come see us if you need help.

We cannot wait to celebrate and honour you on June 26th.