Programmers Club expands meetings

In an effort to accommodate students' other activities, programmers club will now meet Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in room 216 at lunch. The idea is that on Mondays we will start working on problems, and on Friday we will meet with a group to look at solutions. At the beginning of the week there will [...]

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Programmers Club

A reminder to all past members of the Programmers Club that we will be meeting in room 216 at lunch tomorrow. We hope to start talking about the ECOO and UW programming contests. Students with demonstrated prior programming experience can also participate. Grade 9s and 10s: even if you haven't programmed, you may want to [...]

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Programmers Club

Do you know how to program? Or do you want to learn about programming?If your answer = "yes" thengo to room 216 Wednesdays at lunch!

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