Elisabeth Sladen certainly made an impression as Sarah Jane Smith.  Not only is she part of an iconic partnership with Tom Baker’s 4th Doctor from 1974 to 1977, she soared into the modern era of Doctor Who, as well as into two spin-off series.  Her death in 2011 was a great blow to fanboys and fangirls across two generations.  However, people tend to neglect Lis Sladen’s first season with Jon Pertwee’s 3rd Doctor…and they really shouldn’t.  From their first pairing (as we shall continue to observe in this week’s conclusion to THE TIME WARRIOR) it’s clear that their relationship demonstrated a special dynamic all its own.  So let’s go back in time to a special moment, when Doctor Who history shifted into high gear, and transformed from successful program into gold that alchemy only wishes it could create.  REMINDERthis week’s meeting includes the APRIL PRIZE RAFFLE.