What better way to take us into spring than with an old school premiere from the 1973-74 season of the classic series.  Spring is a time of new growth & new planting, and the 11th season of the classic series (the last to feature Jon Pertwee as the 3rd Doctor) opened with an abundance of new & fresh additions to the larger Whoniverse:  (1) a new title sequence — including a new logo — that would become the prime influence on all future re-designs; (2) a new long term threat with the introduction of the Sontarans, who are only eclipsed by the Daleks & Cybermen in the canon of monsters; (3) the biggest addition of all…the introduction of the late, great Elisabeth Sladen as the most popular companion in Doctor Who history, Sarah Jane Smith.  All of this is to be found this week as we watch Parts 1 & 2 of THE TIME WARRIOR.  An additional reminder:  this week’s meeting will take place THURSDAY, after school, as a consequence of the four day Easter weekend.