Why SPIDERS?!?  The one creature that terrifies me…and many others…above all else!  Why now?!?  It’s been 44 years and 10 Doctors since the last time Doctor Who made spiders the centre-piece of a story.  So executive producer Chris Chibnall has decided that gap has stretched on for long enough;  it’s time once again to subject us to  eight-legged terror in this week’s episode:  ARACHNIDS IN THE UK.  If the spiders are too much to focus on, keep your gaze on special guest star Chris Noth…someone you might recognize from years on Law & Order, Sex and the City, and The Good Wife.  He’s a big name catch for the series…but I’m not sure he’ll be distracting enough from the creepy-crawlies.  So…it’s a good thing that our regularly scheduled NOVEMBER PRIZE RAFFLE also awaits this week, to soothe our terrified senses!