WELCOME BACK to another year…and a monumental one as well.  This semester, we await the arrival of the new 13th Doctor…and, as played by Jodie Whittaker, the first female Doctor since the show began in 1963!  We live in exciting times, and we will be following her adventures every week in Doctor Who Club.  However, to start us off and tide us over until that mega-premiere, we will begin our run of classic episodes with the 10th Doctor two-parter SILENCE IN THE LIBRARY.  So welcome back current members, and welcome to ANY new members who wish to eat pizza, watch Doctor Who, and share company with St. Benedict’s finest connoisseurs of the greatest science fiction and fantasy series ever created.  As this is our first meeting of the year, we will also be holding the first of our monthly prize raffles!  I hope to see everyone in room 226, after school on Friday September 7th.