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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming April 27th

What can one say about CITY OF DEATH, one of the most sublime & witty creations to ever grace the screen, under the title of DOCTOR WHO?  Douglas Adams — the most famous of science fiction & comedy writers, serving as script editor of the 1979-1980 season — faced a conundrum of epic proportions.  With a storyline unfinished, and production deadlines looming, the producer locked him away for a three-day weekend with a typewriter, a bottle of scotch, and endless pots of coffee.  The result of this literary binge was a gorgeous romp through the streets of Paris, Tom Baker’s 4th Doctor at the apex of his powers, and a supporting cast worthy of several Emmy awards.  This was classic DOCTOR WHO in 1979…and remains so in 2018.  It might have gone out under a pseudonym, but make no mistake:  the author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is responsible for this comedic, operatic piece of joy.  Exquisite.  Absolutely…exquisite.

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming April 20th

The Shard is the tallest building in the UK — a brand new, mighty crag of crystal jutting into the heavens, daring people to judge it & not to look away from its mammoth-ness.  What better setting for a modern urban adventure…which the series capitalized upon back in 2013 with THE BELLS OF ST JOHN, our club viewing for this week.  Watch as Matt Smith’s giddy 11th Doctor copes with WiFi gone evil, while dealing with the time-bending mystery at the heart of his new companion, Clara Oswald.   This week, we joing our favourite Time Lord in saving the world, battling against a disembodied intelligence, 309.7 metres above the ground.

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming April 12th

A stone-cold, romantic classic this week from the 10th Doctor’s era:  THE GIRL IN THE FIREPLACE.  As April roars in feeling more like February, what better way to warm the heart & soul than the tale of a spaceship from the 51st century stalking one of the most famous women of the 18th century…complete with all the golden luxury & richness that the court of Versailles during the reign of Louis XV can provide.  A story about love, traveling the slow path, and what monsters have nightmares about…with two glorious performances from David Tennant as the Doctor, and Sophia Myles as the famous Madame du Pompadour.  An episode that might require some tissues as it reaches its climax…

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Ultimate Frisbee

The Ultimate Club continues to meet every Wednesday at lunch in the gym. Bring athletic wear and have some fun. Newcomers are encourage from all grades.  See Mr. Betik in guidance if you have questions.

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming April 6th

Elisabeth Sladen certainly made an impression as Sarah Jane Smith.  Not only is she part of an iconic partnership with Tom Baker’s 4th Doctor from 1974 to 1977, she soared into the modern era of Doctor Who, as well as into two spin-off series.  Her death in 2011 was a great blow to fanboys and fangirls across two generations.  However, people tend to neglect Lis Sladen’s first season with Jon Pertwee’s 3rd Doctor…and they really shouldn’t.  From their first pairing (as we shall continue to observe in this week’s conclusion to THE TIME WARRIOR) it’s clear that their relationship demonstrated a special dynamic all its own.  So let’s go back in time to a special moment, when Doctor Who history shifted into high gear, and transformed from successful program into gold that alchemy only wishes it could create.  REMINDERthis week’s meeting includes the APRIL PRIZE RAFFLE.

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming March 29th

What better way to take us into spring than with an old school premiere from the 1973-74 season of the classic series.  Spring is a time of new growth & new planting, and the 11th season of the classic series (the last to feature Jon Pertwee as the 3rd Doctor) opened with an abundance of new & fresh additions to the larger Whoniverse:  (1) a new title sequence — including a new logo — that would become the prime influence on all future re-designs; (2) a new long term threat with the introduction of the Sontarans, who are only eclipsed by the Daleks & Cybermen in the canon of monsters; (3) the biggest addition of all…the introduction of the late, great Elisabeth Sladen as the most popular companion in Doctor Who history, Sarah Jane Smith.  All of this is to be found this week as we watch Parts 1 & 2 of THE TIME WARRIOR.  An additional reminder:  this week’s meeting will take place THURSDAY, after school, as a consequence of the four day Easter weekend.

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming March 23rd

This week, we return to those heady days of Doctor Who’s return in 2005 with BOOM TOWN, the late season sequel to the2005 season’s first two-part story.  Most fans would agree that the Slitheen didn’t exactly light up the Whoniverse as the most compelling of new alien races (but certainly the most flatuent).  However, Russell T Davies takes a last minute replacement script and uses it to fashion not only something that single-handedly rehabilitates the Slitheen, it also gives Christopher Eccleston the chance to flex his acting muscles in a quiet, more intimate manner.  The 9th Doctor’s single season felt like it was all-go from the moment it blasted onto our screens…but this episode slows everything down, and takes stock of the roller-coaster life the Doctor & Rose have been living up to this point.

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming March 9th

This week, we hurtle forward in time to 2011, and the middle of the 11th Doctor’s tenure.  Matt Smith actually has a light day this week, as THE GIRL WHO WAITED is an episode all about Amy & Rory…which gives Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill the chance to strut their stuff as the best companion duo to travel in the TARDIS since Sarah & Harry in the 1970s, and Tegan & Turlough in the 1980s.  This is an episode of high concept surroundings, deep emotions, terrible choices, and a showcase for the power of love…a love that can break time and space.  Bring some kleenex this week, because there will be weeping at the climax…

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