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“All of time and space, everything that happened or ever will…where do you want to start?”

Doctor Who Club takes place most Fridays, immediately after school in room 226. Join us every week for adventures in time and space with fellow fans, and lots of pizza, as we watch both new and classic episodes from all 50+ years of the world’s longest running (and best) science fiction & fantasy series. There are also monthly raffle prizes featuring various goodies. The Doctor is back…and it’s about time.

When we meet

We meet Fridays, immediately after school, in room 226.

Doctor Who Club always meets on Thursdays when the Friday is a PD Day.

Viewing Schedule

April 27th: City of Death, Parts 1 & 2 (4th Doctor)

May 4th: City of Death, Parts 3 & 4 (4th Doctor)

May 11th: The Idiot’s Lantern (10th Doctor)

May 18th: Asylum of the Daleks (11th Doctor)

May 25th: The Deadly Assassin, Parts 1 & 2 (4th Doctor)

May 31st: The Deadly Assassin, Parts 3 & 4 (4th Doctor)

June 8th: An Unearthly Child (1st Doctor) –> LAST CLUB MEETING OF THE YEAR

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Latest news…

DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming April 27th

What can one say about CITY OF DEATH, one of the most sublime & witty creations to ever grace the screen, under the title of DOCTOR WHO?  Douglas Adams — the most famous of science fiction & comedy writers, serving as script editor of the 1979-1980 season — faced a conundrum of epic proportions.  With a storyline unfinished, and production deadlines looming, the producer locked him away for a three-day weekend with a typewriter, a bottle of scotch, and endless pots of coffee.  The result of this literary binge was a gorgeous romp through the streets of Paris, Tom Baker’s 4th Doctor at the apex of his powers, and a supporting cast worthy of several Emmy awards.  This was classic DOCTOR WHO in 1979…and remains so in 2018.  It might have gone out under a pseudonym, but make no mistake:  the author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is responsible for this comedic, operatic piece of joy.  Exquisite.  Absolutely…exquisite.

By | April 21st, 2018|

DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming April 20th

The Shard is the tallest building in the UK — a brand new, mighty crag of crystal jutting into the heavens, daring people to judge it & not to look away from its mammoth-ness.  What better setting for a modern urban adventure…which the series capitalized upon back in 2013 with THE BELLS OF ST JOHN, our club viewing for this week.  Watch as Matt Smith’s giddy 11th Doctor copes with WiFi gone evil, while dealing with the time-bending mystery at the heart of his new companion, Clara Oswald.   This week, we joing our favourite Time Lord in saving the world, battling against a disembodied intelligence, 309.7 metres above the ground.

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming April 12th

A stone-cold, romantic classic this week from the 10th Doctor’s era:  THE GIRL IN THE FIREPLACE.  As April roars in feeling more like February, what better way to warm the heart & soul than the tale of a spaceship from the 51st century stalking one of the most famous women of the 18th century…complete with all the golden luxury & richness that the court of Versailles during the reign of Louis XV can provide.  A story about love, traveling the slow path, and what monsters have nightmares about…with two glorious performances from David Tennant as the Doctor, and Sophia Myles as the famous Madame du Pompadour.  An episode that might require some tissues as it reaches its climax…

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming April 6th

Elisabeth Sladen certainly made an impression as Sarah Jane Smith.  Not only is she part of an iconic partnership with Tom Baker’s 4th Doctor from 1974 to 1977, she soared into the modern era of Doctor Who, as well as into two spin-off series.  Her death in 2011 was a great blow to fanboys and fangirls across two generations.  However, people tend to neglect Lis Sladen’s first season with Jon Pertwee’s 3rd Doctor…and they really shouldn’t.  From their first pairing (as we shall continue to observe in this week’s conclusion to THE TIME WARRIOR) it’s clear that their relationship demonstrated a special dynamic all its own.  So let’s go back in time to a special moment, when Doctor Who history shifted into high gear, and transformed from successful program into gold that alchemy only wishes it could create.  REMINDERthis week’s meeting includes the APRIL PRIZE RAFFLE.

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