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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming October 27th

We return to our exploration of opening stories introducing the era of classic Doctors.  This week, it’s 1982 once again, and Peter Davison (at the ripe young age of 29) becomes — by a considerable margin — the youngest Doctor ever…a record not broken until a 27 year old Matt Smith takes the role in 2010.  It was a monumental shift at the time, but for this old fan it was the beginning of a golden age.  Peter Davison’s 5th Doctor is MY personal Doctor, and his gentle & gentlemanly character remains the hero of my boyhood that has followed me into the present day.  Doctor Who Club re-lives that spring-like awakening this week, with Parts 1 & 2 of CASTROVALVA.  I look forward to seeing the reaction of the current generation of fans to this important moment from the past.

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Help wanted: Science Olympics

Any students interested in helping with the science Olympics should attend a short meeting in room 316 on Thursday October 19. See Mr. Bailey, Ms. Skinn or Ms. Stefan if you cannot attend.

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming October 20th

A few weeks ago, the 4th Doctor’s introductory tale ROBOT gave Doctor Who Club its first look this year at Sarah Jane Smith.  Played by Elisabeth Sladen, she has, time & again, proven herself to be the most popular companion in Doctor Who history.  She originally traveled with the 3rd & 4th Doctors (as well returning for The Five Doctors & her first spin-off series, K9 and Company) but this week’s episode — SCHOOL REUNION — returns her to the Doctor Who universe full time, along with another iconic character:  K9, voiced by John Lesson. Together they are re-united with David Tennant’s 10th Doctor, which would eventually lead to her second spin-off show, THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES (which Doctor Who Club also occasionally re-visits).  This week, Doctor Who Club re-lives Sarah’s joyful & poignant return to the small screen.

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DECA test preparation

A link has been placed on our DECA page to the test site. ID is your email address that you used to register for DECA, and the password has been provided to you during our DECA sessions–forgot? Ask a friend or one of the teachers.

Make sure you try several of the tests to help you prepare!!

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Robotics and Electronics club

Are you interested in robotics, electronics, or computer programming. Are you thinking about going to college or university for math, science, computers, technology, or engineering? If so, come to the Robotics and Electronics club today at lunch in room 126. If you can’t make it please see Mr. Strassburger.

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming October 13th

This week, we flash forward to the era of Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor, and one of the most important episodes in the canon.  THE DOCTOR’S WIFE isn’t any ordinary episode: not only is it centered around the Doctor’s oldest and most loyal companion (she’s blue & has nice panels, in case you were wondering), it’s the first of two episodes written by literary genre giant.  Neil Gaiman, of “American Gods” and “Coraline” fame, is also a long time Doctor Who fan, and in this week’s episode, he graces us with one of the 11th Doctor’s finest, most poignant…and most terrifying…adventures.  Prepare to explore the heart of a relationship that has lasted over 700 years…

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming October 6th

This week, we continue with the introduction of the 4th Doctor, viewing the concluding episodes (Parts 3 & 4) of ROBOT.  The team of the 4th Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith & Harry Sullivan (brought to wonderful life by Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen & Ian Marter) forms the core of one of Doctor Who’s golden ages of storytelling; it’s a great joy to share it with a new generation of fans, only now awakening to the past glories of the series.  As it is also the first meeting of a new month, we will be holding our regular monthly PRIZE RAFFLE.  New members are always welcome to join us this Friday, after school, in room 226.

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