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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming April 26th

THE BEAST BELOW is only Matt Smith’s second outing on TV as the 11th Doctor, but as a story it is one of several episodes throughout Doctor Who history that explores the evolving nature of humankind…and whether or not we learn from our past mistakes.  Join us this week as the 11th Doctor takes Amy Pond on her first proper journey in the TARDIS…and we will see first hand what humankind might become centuries from now…

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Congratulations to the Robotics Team!

Congratulations to the Robotics team for making it to the provincial championships and posting a 9-3 record in the qualifiers. They competed against some of the top teams in Ontario and became one of the alliance leaders to choose a team of 3 to go into the playoffs. These are a lot of firsts for the Robotics team. Congratulations on a great season and a huge thank you to all our sponsors and those who volunteered their time to help us!

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming April 18th

Most people think story arcs started with 21st century Doctor Who, but it was alive and well in the classic series.  As we conclude FULL CIRCLE this week, we witness the start of the E-Space trilogy — the first of the 1980s story arcs — with the TARDIS and her crew trapped in a negative universe.  Join us this week to re-live the 4th Doctor & company falling down the cosmic rabbit hole.  NOTEdue to Good Friday, this week’s meeting is one again on THURSDAY.

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming April 11th

Lots of firsts this week.   It’s our first viewing this year of Tom Baker’s titanic 4th Doctor, Lalla Ward’s impish Romana, and their indefatigable robot dog, K9.  FULL CIRCLE also marks the debut of Matthew Waterhouse as new companion Adric.  Finally, this week’s episodes mark the first full-on shift in tone for the series in 1980/81, as it begins the transition to the new 5th Doctor era that was just about to begin.  This week, our intrepid group of Whovians get to re-live all of it once again.  NOTE:  because of the PD DAY this Friday and EASTER the following week, this is first of two consecutive weeks that we will be meeting on THURSDAY!

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming April 5th

We conclude our Sontaran two-part adventure this week with THE POISON SKY.  Has it really been 11 years since the first broadcast of David Tennant’s triumphant third series as the 10th Doctor?  Watching this adventure makes it feel just like yesterday…so join us this week to see the Doctor & his UNIT allies defend the Earth, and re-live the moment, just like it was 2008 all over again.

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NEW CLUB! Dungeons and Dragons

Are you interested in fantasy and or dungoens and dragons? We are looking to start a DND club, new and experienced players are welcome. If you are interested please attend a short meeting right after school Tuesday, April 2 in room 223 with Mr. Huybens, to get an idea of interest and choose the day of the week to run the club.

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming March 29th

After two weeks of watching the 3rd Doctor battling the Daleks, side-by-side with UNIT, it’s time to hurtle forward in time and watch the 10th Doctor join forces with the modern incarnation of UNIT to fight against the machinations of the Sontarans.  It’s a mega-David Tennant extravaganza this week in THE SONTARAN STRATAGEM, featuring Catherine Tate as Donna Noble meeting Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones for the first time.  Join us this week for some classic defending-the-Earth action.

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming March 22nd

As we conclude DAY OF THE DALEKS this week, some people might be noticing an upgrade to the original special effects.  The version of the episodes we’re watching are part of a special edition:  restored picture, and modern VFX added to enhance the experience.  A number of classic stories have received this treatment, but so far it’s DAY OF THE DALEKS that wins the prize for best overall experience.  Join us this week as we climax with a battle between the Daleks & UNIT…1972 with a dash of 21st century magic.

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