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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming December 14th

Nine distress signals…the TARDIS answers them, and brings the Doctor and his friends to a desolate world…but what is waiting for them?  Find out as we reach the end of this landmark premiere season for Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor, and watch the mysterious season finale:  THE BATTLE OF RANSKOOR AV KOLOS.  This is the first finale in years where few details have leaked out…but there are many rumours.  Will any of them come true?  Join us for this week’s Doctor Who Club and we will discover the answer together…

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming December 6th

On the edge of a Norwegian fjord, in the present day, The Doctor, Ryan, Graham and Yaz discover a boarded-up cottage and a girl named Hanne in need of their help. What has happened here? What monster lurks in the woods around the cottage…and beyond? Join us this week for what may be the creepiest episode in years:  IT TAKES YOU AWAYPlease note:  due to Friday’s PD Day, our meeting this week will take place on THURSDAY.

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming November 30th

The Doctor, Ryan, Graham and Yaz arrive in 17th century Lancashire and become embroiled in a witch trial, run by the local landowner.  As fear stalks the land, the arrival of King James I (special guest star Alan Cumming) only serves to intensify the witch hunt. But is there something even more dangerous at work? Can the Doctor and friends keep the people of Bilehurst Cragg safe from all the forces that are massing in the land?  Join us this week to find out the answer, as Doctor Who Club watches the season’s 8th episode:  THE WITCHFINDERS.

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming November 23rd

A mysterious message arrives in a package addressed to the Doctor, leading her, Graham, Yaz and Ryan to investigate the warehouse moon orbiting Kandoka, and the home of the galaxy’s largest retailer: Kerblam! That’s right…Doctor Who finally takes on the ultimate futuristic/social commentary villain:  Future Amazon in Space!!!  To celebrate the series’ 55th birthday, join us this week to watch the most odd-ball episode yet this season:  KERBLAM!

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming November 15th

India, 1947: The Doctor and her friends arrive in the Punjab, as the country is being torn apart. While Yaz attempts to discover her grandmother’s hidden history, the Doctor discovers demons haunting the land. Who are they and what do they want?  Find out this week as Doctor Who Club watches episode 6 of the new season:  DEMONS OF THE PUNJAB.  A reminder:  this week, our meeting takes place on THURSDAY, due to Friday’s PD Day.

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming November 9th

Injured and stranded in the wilds of a far-flung galaxy, The Doctor, Yaz, Graham and Ryan must band together with a group of strangers to survive against one of the universe’s most deadly — and unusual — creatures.  We return to classic, futuristic sci-fi goodness with this week’s episode:  THE TSURANGA CONUNDRUM.  Join us in room 226 this Friday as the TARDIS takes the Who-clubbers to a distant galaxy, and shows us what the new Doctor is like when she’s forced out of her comfort zone.

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming November 2nd

Why SPIDERS?!?  The one creature that terrifies me…and many others…above all else!  Why now?!?  It’s been 44 years and 10 Doctors since the last time Doctor Who made spiders the centre-piece of a story.  So executive producer Chris Chibnall has decided that gap has stretched on for long enough;  it’s time once again to subject us to  eight-legged terror in this week’s episode:  ARACHNIDS IN THE UK.  If the spiders are too much to focus on, keep your gaze on special guest star Chris Noth…someone you might recognize from years on Law & Order, Sex and the City, and The Good Wife.  He’s a big name catch for the series…but I’m not sure he’ll be distracting enough from the creepy-crawlies.  So…it’s a good thing that our regularly scheduled NOVEMBER PRIZE RAFFLE also awaits this week, to soothe our terrified senses!

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That’s right!  Due to next Friday’s PD Day and next Thursday’s Parent/Teacher interviews, our next club meeting will be THIS WEDNESDAY!  This week, the Doctor takes his new friends back in time for the first time, to 1955 Alabama…and a meeting with a woman who will help to change the course of history:  Rosa Parks.  In this day and age, when racists and white supremacists feel free to come out of hiding and trumpet their evil,  a story championing civil rights is just what the Doctor ordered…and a reminder that the Doctor exists to battle against all kinds of evil.  Join us this Wednesday in room 226 to watch the third episode of the new season:  ROSA.

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