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* Thursdays if Friday is a PA Day

DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming October 18th

This week, we take a special sideways journey into The Sarah Jane Adventures — the spin-off featuring the Doctor’s longest serving companion, Sarah Jane Smith (played by the late Elisabeth Sladen).  This time, she teams up with another former companion, Jo Grant (played by Katy Manning) as they investigate a report that the Doctor has died…and they don’t believe a word of it.  This episode features a guest appearance by Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor, and it makes for a fun, exciting, poignant reunion between old friends.  Join us this week for DEATH OF THE DOCTOR.

By |October 12th, 2019|

DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming October 11th

This week, it’s thrills, scares, and plenty of emotion as the journey of Amy Pond and Rory Williams in the TARDIS comes to an end with the 2012 episode THE ANGELS TAKES MANHATTANDoctor Who’s most memorable 21st century creations — the Weeping Angels — are on hand to help end an era, as is the enigmatic real wife of the Doctor, River Song.  Join us this week to once again re-live this beautiful conclusion to an era.

By |October 5th, 2019|

DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming October 4th

This week, we go back to the second season of Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor, and the Hugo-award winning episode THE DOCTOR’S WIFE.  This is from the pen of Neil Gaiman, one of the most talented fantasy/sf/comic writers to ever put pen to paper.  Join us this week for a romantic, epic, thrilling, creepy adventure…and an exploration of the relationship between the Doctor and his longest-serving companion, the TARDIS itself.  PLEASE NOTEthis week we will also be holding our OCTOBER PRIZE RAFFLE.

By |September 28th, 2019|

DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming September 27th

Back to normal schedule this week as we conclude THE DEADLY ASSASSIN with episodes three & four.  With the 4th Doctor fighting for his life inside the Time Lord super computer — the Matrix — it makes for one of the most intense & surreal adventures yet for our hero.  Could it set up a sequel?  Join us this week and you can see the conclusion for yourself…

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We’re ready to roll… SHOW ME THE MONEY!

Finance Club is set to start trading today at lunch! Come to 216 to get your $100,000 portfolio set up, and start trading on the Canadian and American stock exchanges!

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AUDITIONS for this year’s musical, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, will be held today, Monday September 16 after school in room 104.

No preparation necessary – just come at 2:15 ready to sing, dressed to dance and with a positive attitude! For more information, or if you’d like to audition but can’t stay today, speak to Mr. Renner, Mrs. O’Brien MacKinnon or Madame Charron.

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming September 19th

Our first visit to classic Who this year:  1976’s dark masterpiece, THE DEADLY ASSASSIN.  It features Tom Baker’s 4th Doctor at the height of his powers…the first in-depth exploration in the series’ history of the Doctor’s people — the Time Lords — and their home planet of Gallifrey…and the return of the Doctor’s arch-nemesis, the Master…but as a tormented half-dead creature with no more regenerations, driven solely by revenge.  It caused quite the stir 40 years ago, and it remains compelling viewing to this day.  Join us this week as we watch the first two episodes.  PLEASE NOTE:  this week, Doctor Who Club will meet on THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 19th, as Friday the 20th is a PD Day.

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Spoken Word Club!

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