To submit a photo to the 2020/21 St. Benedict yearbook, please follow the guidelines below:

Photos will only be considered for inclusion if they meet the following criteria:

  • Any and all persons appearing in photos
    • are either 2020/21 St. Benedict students or staff or 2020/21 St. Isidore students or staff who normally belong to the St. Benedict community
    • are aware and give consent for the photo in which they appear to be submitted
    • have previously granted permission for their image to be used in the media release form in the registration package at the beginning of the year
  • Photos do not show students or staff in violation of Covid-19 safety protocols (photos taken before the pandemic are exempt)
  • Color photos only
  • Clothing and jewelry must fit school dress code guidelines
  • No creative filters or photographic treatments
  • No weapons or hand signs of any kind
  • No alcohol/drugs/violence
  • No inappropriate body language


This is the link to submit yearbook photos:


How to input information:

Grade: enter grade level of any students who appear in the picture (9, 10, 11, 12)

Names: please list full names (first and last) from left to right, starting at the top left corner. If there is more than one row, list rows from top to bottom – MAKE SURE NAMES ARE SPELLED CORRECTLY




Description: be sure to specify date and location picture was taken, and describe what activity is happening in the picture; if you have a specific caption to go with the picture, put it “in quotation marks”.



The yearbook committee will use their best discretion on which submitted photos will be included in the yearbook – school administration may follow up on photos if they violate school policies or safety protocols.