Academic counselling

This includes course selection and planning, post-secondary program requirements, levels of difficulty and their implications, direct work entry and apprenticeship information.

NOTE: Students only have several days at the beginning of each semester to request course changes. Please complete (with parent signature) a PINK course change form available in guidance and schedule an appointment to meet with your counsellor.

Career counselling

We provide information on researching career opportunities.

Interpersonal development

Help is available to you when you wish to discuss personal and interpersonal problems. Referrals are made to the school staff, board staff or outside agencies when appropriate.

To book an appointment

  1. Students may request an appointment by clicking on the icon beside their guidance counsellor’s name and booking an appointment online.
  2. Parents or students may contact a counsellor directly via phone or email. Appointments can be scheduled before, during, or after school hours.