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All Waterloo Catholic District School Board Schools Closed on Friday February 21, 2020.

The Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association (OECTA) has announced that all of its members will be engaging in a one-day strike on
Friday, February 21, 2020. This decision affects all Catholic district school boards in Ontario. As a result of this strike, all Waterloo Catholic
District School Board elementary and secondary schools will be closed on February 21. All programs …     Click here to Read More

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming February 20th

This week, we will screen an episode full of series-changing reveleations!  Never mind the return of the Judoon — our favourite space rhino police thugs from the 10th Doctor’s era — this week’s episode contains information that will cause you to question everything you think you know about the Doctor.  Avoid spoilers…join us for our next meeting & have your brain melted by the 5th episode of the season: FUGITIVE OF THE JUDOONPlease note:  due to this Friday’s labour disruption, this week’s meeting takes place on THURSDAY.

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This is a correction to the memo sent home with report cards.

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Enclosed is your child’s report card, which is an important reflection of the work done throughout the school year, and the mark, learning skills and teacher comments traditionally give us a fulsome picture about a student’s learning.

In early January, the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA) directed its members to withdraw certain administrative services due to the failure to reach a new collective agreement with the government of Ontario. OECTA’s direction to their members includes the following:

  • OECTA members shall not participate in the preparation and inputting of report card comments.
  • Members shall input marks only on the report cards;
  • Kindergarten teachers shall only input one sentence per frame;
  • OECTA members in secondary schools shall not prepare progress report cards.

You will notice that the report card your child has brought home […]

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ATTENTION: Parents of Grade 9 WCDSB Students

Experience, Explore and Enrich your Learning

NEW this summer – Civics and Careers e-Learning Travel Credit 

Parent and Student Information Session:  Thursday, February 13th at 6:30 pm (1 hour)

Location:  St. Mary’s High School-Alumni Hall, 1500 Block Line Road, Kitchener

To reserve your spot for the INFO session, RSVP at 


This summer, the WCDSB is piloting an exciting opportunity for our students entering Gr. 10 to complete the
Civics (.5 credit) and Careers (.5 credit) online and then extend their learning with a one-week trip to Ottawa,
Montreal and New York City.


Timeline includes a mandatory face to face meeting June 30; digital course work July 6 -21st; travel July 22-28th


Travel arranged through EF Tours – itinerary attached.  Click Here


More Information


Additional information, including registration code, can be obtained from   – WCDSB Pathways

or  Judy Carley  –  […]

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Canadian hearing Services National Scholarship

Canadian Hearing Services National Scholarship

value: $3000

Due date: May, 20th, 2020

What They’re Looking For

  • 💪Disabilities: Hearing Loss and Deafness
  • 🎂Age: 17 – 50+
  • ❤️Volunteer Experience
  • 🌎Citizenship: Canadian or Permanent Resident (Canada)

Additional Notes

Scholarships of $3,000 a year for full-time students and $1,000 a year for part-time students.  

The exact number of awards will be dependent on the number and ranking of qualified applicants.  17 scholarships were awarded in 2019.

  • Applicants must have documented hearing loss of 50dB or greater, pure tone average, in each ear (50dB or greater in the left ear AND 50dB or greater in the right […]
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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming February 14th

This week, we journey back to New York in the early 1900s, where the competition between geniuses Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla has attracted the attention of a rapacious alien queen…as well as the Doctor & Team TARDIS.  Join us this week as the Doctor jumps to the defence of history — and some of history’s greatest figures — in NIKOLA TESLA’S NIGHT OF TERROR.

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