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Horatio Alger Vocational Scholarship

Horatio Alger National Scholarship and Vocational and Technical Scholarship Program

Due Date; July 15th

  • up to $3000
  • enrolled in a 3 year of less technical degree/certificate program for fall of 2019
  • application:


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An important message…

An important message for our incredible Grade 12s and soon to be Graduates

To graduate, you need 30 credits, have successfully completed the literacy test or the OLC course and complete and HAND IN your 40 hours of community service.

To walk across the stage and be celebrated at Graduation- you need all of what I just mentioned completed. The very possible, last day, for us to accept your 40 hours is next Friday June 14th!!!

Please see you GUIDANCE counsellor asap if you have them, need a sheet, need help….you can do this!!!

Also, regarding uniform collection for our Used Uniform Sale

Thank you for sharing your resources: reducing, reusing and recycling to help our community and be further stewards of the earth is awesome.

Students, you will be able to hand in your gently used uniform items next Friday after school. You will then get to be in Civvies for the […]

By |June 5th, 2019|Graduation|

DOCTOR WHO CLUB: It’s the end, BUT…

…are you already missing your weekly fix of TARDIS travel?  Starting this Tuesday, wind down the year with LUNCH TIME MINI-WHO CLUB! Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday for the next 3 weeks, there will be a classic 25 minute episode shown each day at lunch time in room 226.  For these weeks, we will be showing the 6-part, 4th Doctor epic THE SEEDS OF DOOM, and the 7th Doctor, 3-part adventure DELTA & THE BANNERMEN.  Bring your lunch and join us Tuesdays to Thursdays, and ease the pain of the exams that are coming closer & closer…

By |May 25th, 2019|Doctor Who|

DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming May 24th

We celebrate the end of another year of Doctor Who Club meetings with what is turning into our annual dip into the black and white era of the 1960s.  This time, we’ll be closing out the year with the first episode of one of the most famous 2nd Doctor stories ever:  THE TOMB OF THE CYBERMEN.  Lost for 25 years, film prints were recovered in Hong Kong in 1991, and now everyone can continue to enjoy this story, not just British viewers from 1967.  We will also be celebrating the end of another year with the FINAL PRIZE RAFFLE:  over a dozen goodies will be given away, including posters, magazines, books, DVD box sets…and another sonic screwdriver!  Join us for all the fun this week, and help us close out another successful year of adventuring through time and space.

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming May 17th

Large, tunnel-building wood lice creatures that kidnap people under the earth?  Only Doctor Who brings this kind of dark imagination to the table…and as a threat to the last surviving humans, the final two episodes of FRONTIOS demonstrates this most emphatically.  Find out how the Doctor manages to save this day — with his usual armaments of wit, guile and black humour — at this week’s meeting.

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