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DOCTOR WHO CLUB will return…

…this September.  Until then, do what a Dalek does when it doesn’t have anyone to chase and shout “exterminate” at…hit the beach.

ScholarTree : Budget Tool and Scholarship update

ScholarTree has designed and made available an excel budget tool that can be used as you look ahead to next year. Check it out!

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming June 8th

It’s the last club meeting of the year…and what better way to salute the end of the year than by going back to the beginning…to November 23rd, 1963.  The day after President Kennedy’s assassination, two high school teachers follow one of their students home, curious about her background.  Instead of a home, they find a junk yard…containing a strange vibrating police box…and an old man demanding to know why they are following his granddaughter.  This is the very first episode of Doctor Who ever broadcast:  AN UNEARTHLY CHILD.  Join us this week for a return to the beginning…as well as our final prize raffle of the year…to celebrate another end to a successful year of travel through time and space.

DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming May 31st

LISTEN comes early in Peter Capaldi’s tenure as the 12th Doctor…but not only is it one of the best (if not THE best) of episodes, it is an exemplar of the genius that is writer/producer Steven Moffat.  Aside from Doctor Who, his writing talent is evident from all sorts of shows, ranging from Coupling to Sherlock to Press Gang (and if you haven’t seen any of those, you need to adjust that state of affairs immediately).  But with LISTEN, we get a clear & concise exercise in how to write for television…and the end result is frightening, hilarious, melancholy, joyous, and poignant.  Join us this week and see for yourself.  A reminder: due to Friday’s PD Day,  this week’s meeting is on THURSDAY.

DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming May 25th

Doctor Who has always traveled into the past, but pure historicals — without any SF or fantasy content — disappeared after 1966.  Then, in 1982, during Peter Davison’s first season as the 5th Doctor, the pure historical returned with BLACK ORCHID.  As summer approaches, it’s the perfect episode:  an Agatha Christie-style murder mystery, featuring a country estate, a cricket match, a masquerade ball, cocktails and dancing.  It’s one of those moments to remember that Doctor Who works just as well on the small scale as it does when it’s epic and intergalactic.  There’s even a doubles/mistaken identity storyline to add some extra spice.  This week, join us as the TARDIS travels back to 1925…with a vintage chauffeured car ready and waiting for the Doctor & his companions.