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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming May 24th

We celebrate the end of another year of Doctor Who Club meetings with what is turning into our annual dip into the black and white era of the 1960s.  This time, we’ll be closing out the year with the first episode of one of the most famous 2nd Doctor stories ever:  THE TOMB OF THE CYBERMEN.  Lost for 25 years, film prints were recovered in Hong Kong in 1991, and now everyone can continue to enjoy this story, not just British viewers from 1967.  We will also be celebrating the end of another year with the FINAL PRIZE RAFFLE:  over a dozen goodies will be given away, including posters, magazines, books, DVD box sets…and another sonic screwdriver!  Join us for all the fun this week, and help us close out another successful year of adventuring through time and space.

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming May 17th

Large, tunnel-building wood lice creatures that kidnap people under the earth?  Only Doctor Who brings this kind of dark imagination to the table…and as a threat to the last surviving humans, the final two episodes of FRONTIOS demonstrates this most emphatically.  Find out how the Doctor manages to save this day — with his usual armaments of wit, guile and black humour — at this week’s meeting.

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DOCTOR WHO CLUB: Coming May 10th

This week, we finally re-visit MY childhood Doctor & hero:  Peter Davison’s 5th Doctor.  The first of the younger Doctors, this Edwardian gentleman traveler is accompanied by his companions Tegan & Turlough.  This week, watch as the TARDIS brings the crew far into the future, to catch a glimpse of humanity’s destiny after the destruction of the Earth.  Naturally, things are not as they seem…so join us this week to discover what is happening as we watch the first two episodes of 1984’s FRONTIOS.

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The Congress of Black Women of Canada: The Chloe Callender Awards

Due Date: June 28, 2019

$1000.00 (x 2)

-academic achievement

-contribution to school and community life

– leadership in raising awareness in Caribbean/Black Heritage profile

– Short essay required (300 words)

*** see Mr. Betik for application*** or go to for extra-copies


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