Mr. Calhoun teaches Hospitality and Tourism, Construction and Integrated Technology.  He is a trade experienced chef that enjoys working with students in a tactile environment. As program head of  Technology, he endeavors to foster a environmentally aware and technologically astute set of programs that services all of our student population.

Mr. Calhoun also support the school environment as a regional Skills co-ordinator, boy’s field lacrosse coach and  through other school/board programming.


Semester 1

Period 1:

Period 2:

Period 3:

Period 4:

Semester 2

Period 1:

Period 2: Grade 10 Hospitality

Period 3: Grade 11 Construction

Period 4: Grade 11 Construction


(519) 621-4050

Workroom 108

Available for extra help

Extra-curricular activities

Boy’s Lacrosse Coach, Regional Skills co-ordinator and other school/board initiatives.

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