Mr. Dufresne is the head of Physical and Health Education and the coordinator for LEAP.  He is passionate about living a healthy and active lifestyle.  In addition, he coaches our Junior Boys Soccer team as well as the Alpine ski team.


Semester 1

Period 1: LEAP

Period 2: PAF2OM

Period 3: Prep

Period 4: PPL1OM

Semester 2

Period 1: LEAP

Period 2: Prep

Period 3: PPL1OM

Period 4: Kinesiology


(519) 621-4050 Ext 5137

Gym Workroom

Available for extra help

Monday to Friday at lunch in the Gym workroom.

After school by appointment.

Extra-curricular activities

  • Jr. Boys Soccer Coach
  • Alpine Ski Team Coach

Interview booking