Andrew started teaching at St. Benedict CSS in 2001, and has been Program Head of Arts since 2012. He is also the Waterloo District coordinator this year for the National Theatre School Festival. He is very excited to be working with a very talented and dedicated team in the Arts dept, and looks forward to seeing everyone come out to the next play / musical / coffee house/ arts night!


Semester 1

Period 1: Gr. 9 Drama, Port. 1

Period 2: prep

Period 3: Gr. 9 Drama, Port. 1

Period 4: Gr. 12 Drama, rm 104

Semester 2

Period 1: Gr.10/11 Drama, rm 104

Period 2: prep

Period 3: Gr. 9 Drama, rm 104

Period 4: Gr. 10 Drama, rm 104


(519) 621-4050

Available for extra help

In room 104, by appointment 7:30 – 7:50 AM or during lunch, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Extra-curricular activities

For more info on the National Theatre School Festival Waterloo District, please visit:

Interview booking

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