Andrew started teaching at St. Benedict CSS in 2001, and has been Program Head of Arts since 2012. He is very excited to be working with a very talented and dedicated team in the Arts dept, and is looking forward to the time when we can gather again for plays, musicals, concerts and coffee houses. In the meantime, we will find ways to connect and provide opportunities for students to share their talent online – stay tuned!


Term 1

Period 1: ADA 1OI (gr 9 drama)

Period 2: ADA 1OI (gr 9 drama)

Term 2

Period 1:

Period 2: ADA 3MI/4MI (gr 11/12 drama)

Term 3

Period 1:

Period 2:

Term 4

Period 1:

Period 2:


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Available for extra help

Video conferencing (through Microsoft Teams or Google Meet) can be arranged by email appointment. Monday-Friday, 11-12 or 2-4

Extra-curricular activities

Interview booking

Parents, if you want to book a Microsoft Teams video meeting, please book a time below and then email the teacher (address is in the middle column of this page) to receive a personalized meeting link.