Fire Alarms

Fire emergency drills are conducted several times per year. The fire alarm is to be taken seriously at all times. When the fire alarm rings everyone should respond as if there was an emergency and exit the building as quickly as possible.


By law, each school shall have in place a Lockdown Procedure. The procedure is reviewed regularly and is coordinated with Waterloo Regional Police. A “lockdown” is called when any staff or student reports seeing a potentially serious situation–where there is a threat to life posed by an individual due to guns, knives, explosives, etc.

In a lockdown situation, students and staff are directed to go to safe areas such as classrooms and remain there until there is an announcement made that the lockdown is over. Staff members are directed to lock all doors, close blinds, and ensure that all cell phones are turned off. No door is to be opened to anyone unless identification is provided, slipped under the door. Each room should appear empty to an intruder.


  • During a lockdown, cell phones are NOT to be used for calling or text messaging to ensure uninterrupted communications with police.
  • Fire alarms are to be ignored unless an announcement is made over the public address system or there is definite evidence of fire.

Schools practice lockdown procedures once each semester to ensure that everyone in the building knows what to do and where to go. Schools and police hope that there is never the need to call a lockdown. It is extremely important that all students and staff treat lockdown drills seriously. Parents should refrain from calling the school to avoid jamming telephone lines. Roads should also be kept clear to provide access for emergency services to reach the school.