The vision of the WCDSB is Our Catholic Schools: heart of the community – success for each and a place for all.

To ensure the realisation of our vision, St. Benedict C.S.S. will take all reasonable steps to accommodate an individual’s desire to honour their religious beliefs and practices. Such areas of accommodation may include recognised religious holidays, religious dress, and dietary or fasting requirements. The procedure for requesting an accommodation is as follows:

  • A written or verbal request for accommodation from the parent/guardian or student (in cases where the student is over 18) should be presented to the principal or vice-principal at, or as close as possible to, the beginning of the school year;
  • The request for accommodation should describe the specific needs of the student;
  • The principal or vice-principal will consider and confirm the accommodation with the parent/guardian, the student, and appropriate staff (i.e. attendance office, teachers, etc.).