Wearing the St. Benedict uniform properly and with respect demonstrates “pride and dignity for all”.

Students attending St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School are expected to wear the school uniform during the entire school day — including lunch and spares — and to abide by the established uniform regulations.

A complete uniform must be worn while in the building—this includes the library during school hours.

The uniform supports the culture of a safe school as it is a sign of belonging to the St. Benedict community.

Download the McCarthy’s Uniform Guide and Price List for 2019 here.

  • White or navy, long or short-sleeved golf shirts may be worn with white or navy-blue T-shirts underneath. Note: The T-shirt colour must match the uniform item.
  • Students will be asked to remove T-shirts that do not match the colours of the uniform. No writing of any kind should be visible if a T-shirt is worn underneath.
  • Dress shirts or blouses must be worn tucked in and be buttoned. Golf shirts worn over pants/shorts/capris do not need to be tucked in.
  • Only McCarthy’s beige khaki or navy blue pants can be worn.
  • They must NOT be altered* or rolled up more than one to three inches if required.
    Pants must be worn at the waist.

* Altered includes tapering pants to look like ‘skinny jeans’.

  • Only McCarthy’s beige, khaki or navy blue uniform shorts can be worn. McCarthy’s capris are available in navy for girls.
  • Shorts and capri pants must NOT be altered (tapered, shortened, etc.) or rolled up.
  • Tights/leggings may NOT be worn under the shorts. Shorts are intended to be worn during warm weather; therefore, wearing tights/leggings underneath would defeat the purpose of this uniform option.
  • Dress shoes, running shoes, and sandals are permissible.

Note: Closed-toe and closed heel shoes MUST be worn in Science and Technology classes.

  • Optional uniform clothing may be worn OVER UNIFORM shirts, OR navy blue or plain white T-shirts. The navy blue T-shirt must match uniform navy blue.
  • Sweaters MAY NOT be worn alone.

Excursions and uniform policy

Students are expected to be in full uniform for excursions that take place during the school day, unless otherwise specified by your classroom teacher. Requests for alternative dress for school excursions must be approved by administration in advance.

Spirit wear Wednesdays

On Wednesdays, students are allowed to wear any St. Benedict team, club, school activity, or SAC shirt with uniform bottoms.

Civvies Days

Several times a year, mainly as charity fundraisers, students are permitted to wear non-uniform clothing to class. This clothing should be neat, tidy and in good taste, making for a positive learning environment.

  • Undergarments or midriffs are not to be visible.
  • No “short” shorts are allowed.
  • Strapless tops or shirts are not permitted.
  • Pajamas or costumes may not be worn for civvies days.

Students will be asked to remove or cover shirts with slogans or images inappropriate for a Catholic school learning environment.