Introduction to Computer Studies

Course content

All course content is delivered through lessons on class, tutorials, PowerPoint presentations in class and through files in our OneNote classroom which students are given access to at the beginning of the semester. Files in our OneNote classroom can be accessed from home. Students can also install the OneNote app on their phone or tablet to access content on any device.

Course outline

Unit 1: Understanding Computers

  • computer terminology
  • hardware components
  • software
  • basic functions of an operating system
  • home computer networking
  • file management
  • the internet
  • malware
  • computer maintenance

Unit 2: Introduction to Programming

  • block-based visual programming
  • program planning
  • sprite development
  • input/output
  • variables
  • repetition
  • selection

Unit 3: Coding

  • using an IDE
  • input/output
  • variable types
  • repetition
  • selection
  • string manipulation
  • file I/O

Unit 4: Computers and Society

  • social impact of computers
  • environmental stewardship and sustainability
  • legal and ethical issues
  • post-secondary education and career prospects

Final project

Final exam

Ministry Course description

This course introduces students to computer programming. Students will plan and write simple computer programs by applying fundamental programming concepts, and learn to create clear and maintainable internal documentation. They will also learn to manage a computer by studying hardware configurations, software selection, operating system functions, networking, and safe computing practices. Students will also investigate the social impact of computer technologies, and develop an understanding of environmental and ethical issues related to the use of computers.


Course Specific

  • Microsoft Teams: link to our classroom environment for meetings [student access only]
  • link to our class OneNote [student access only] Parents will be given access by the second week of class

All resources pertaining to the different units will be posted on the first page of each unit section in OneNote.