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Mr. Milardovic is a familiar face at St. Benedict’s. He is involved in several clubs and is the person behind our school website, the BENN newsletter, and the school’s social media services.

He teaches in the Business and Computer Studies Department and the Religion Department.


Semester 1

Period 1: BTT 2O, room 216

Period 2: BTA 3O, room 216

Period 3: Prep period

Period 4: BTT 1O, room 216

Semester 2

Period 1: ICS 3U/C, room 216

Period 2: Prep period

Period 3: HRE 4O, room 320

Period 4: ICS 4U/C, room 216


(519) 621-4050, extension 3080

Business Workroom, across from room 210

Available for extra help

Monday to Friday at lunch, usually in the Business Workroom.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday after school.

Extra-curricular activities