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If I had a million dollars…. how often have you thought about it? Is it possible to ever have a million dollars (other than by winning a lottery or robbing a bank, neither of which we recommend)?

The Finance Club is a chance for students who are interested in the world of investing and financial instruments to get together to share their passions, and look at what it takes to have a seven-digit figure in the bank. We will look at stocks, investing, and run a bit of a contest to see who can build a money making portfolio.

Another important component of the club is financial literacy—knowing what to do with your money, from earning it to spending it, saving, and investing. It’s the important money stuff that most people don’t know where to turn to get.

While we cannot guarantee that you will leave the club at the end of the year with a million dollars in your pocket, we do guarantee that you will have fun talking with other students about your financial passions, share some hints and tips, and gain some insight into the world of investing.

When we meet

Watch for announcements about our start up.

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The Stock Market Game

Virtual-Stock-Exchange – our game is called Saints Fall 2019; see Mr. Milardovic to get the access password!
If you need to create an account, click here to register.
When you create your game account, you must include your first or last name in your game name so I can identify who you are. Names must be respectful and appropriate.

Stock Markets

Toronto Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange

Stock Resources

BNN Bloomberg – the website for Mr. Milardovic’s favourite channel
Google Finance
Globe Investor
The Motley Fool – a great site with many articles on publicly traded Canadian businesses, using language that is easy to understand for even the starting investor.
Yahoo! Finance

Credit Cards

How much do you know about Credit Cards? – a quiz on the Tangerine Bank website

Financial Tips for Teens

Money tips for 15-17 year olds infographic

More sites will be added to this list! If you come across any neat websites dealing with finances or stocks, please forward them to Mr. Milardovic.

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