I have been teaching since 1998 and can’t believe how fast time flies. Teaching is a vocation for me, not just a job and I appreciate working with parents and guardians for student success. My areas of specialty include Geography, English and Religion. In addition to teaching I enjoy supervising the Champions for Change Club, the Star Trek club when it runs (depends on student interest, year by year), supporting Eco initiatives and Social Justice events and am an active member of our school’s Pastoral Committee.


Semester 1

Period 1:

Period 2: Prep period

Period 3: CGC 1D, room 123

Period 4: CGC 1D, room 123

Semester 2

Period 1: Prep period

Period 2: CGF 3M, room 123

Period 3: CGC 1P, room 123

Period 4:



(519) 621-4050 ext. 5123

Room 123

Available for extra help

Lunch: Monday’s (2nd half of lunch), Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
After School: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Extra-curricular activities

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