It’s the beginning of the school year and if you have teenagers in their senior years of high school (Grades 11 & 12), many of you are thinking about the upcoming costs involved in higher education. Maybe you have been planning for it for some years now (RESPs?) or maybe you haven’t been able to plan due to extenuating [...]

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Grade 12 Guidance Presentation

Extra copies of the Information sheets distributed during the period 2 meetings are available in Guidance. Please review the slideshow to keep track of important dates. Book an appointment with your Guidance counselor if you have any questions. Grade 12 Presentation 2019

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Links and Blogs for scholarship information:

ScholarTree is back for another year of helping graduating students find scholarships. Over the summer we added over 100 new awards to ScholarTree. Since it is early in the year, here are some of our blogs that may be useful to students looking to apply to scholarships this year: The 6 Most Common Mistakes When [...]

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Loran Scholarship

  Loran Scholarship: Integrity, Service and Leadership Due Date: Oct.  17th, 2019 - School Sponsored Application due; IMPORTANT: If you wish to be considered as a sponsored candidate, you must inform Mr. Betik and have the application form completed by OCT. 10th (Thursday) Oct. 24, 2019 - Direct Pool Applications (not school sponsored) Numerous awards (126 in [...]

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Horatio Alger Vocational Scholarship

Horatio Alger National Scholarship and Vocational and Technical Scholarship Program Due Date; July 15th up to $3000 enrolled in a 3 year of less technical degree/certificate program for fall of 2019 application:  

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An important message…

An important message for our incredible Grade 12s and soon to be Graduates To graduate, you need 30 credits, have successfully completed the literacy test or the OLC course and complete and HAND IN your 40 hours of community service.To walk across the stage and be celebrated at Graduation- you need all of what I [...]

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